Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We Need YOUR help!

Welcome to ReNEWvenation!

ReNEWvenation is a unique fundraiser for the Iowa City Junior Service League coming up fast on Saturday October 24th and Sunday October 25th, 2009.

The event will feature two flood-effected condos in the Idylwild Neighborhood and showcase how the community can reuse, recycle, and restore in decorating. The condos will feature interior designers and artists decorating rooms and using items that have been restored or reused. Interior designers will be assigned a room and are expected to collaborate with either their own partners or any artists that want to participate. Artists are invited to see the space for potential mural work, faux painting, furniture painting, as well as providing art for the walls and accessories. All furnishings used should have some sort of element that pertains to the theme or are sustainable in nature.

The ICJSL would like to invite any potential participants to tour the two condos on Friday, August 14th between 9AM and 12PM to get a better sense of the space and discuss how they could take part. The addresses of the two locations are: 18 Trevose and 23 Newlyn. Those interested are encouraged to come during that time frame to tour.

The ICJSL is partnering with B&H Builders who have built both condos. Again, the fundraising event will be held Saturday October 24th and Sunday October 25th, and feature a sale of the items used at the end of the day on Sunday to the public. The fundraiser will benefit flood relief, as well as ICJSL projects.

If you are unable to attend the open house, please email or call Jan Finlayson at 319-321-7360 to arrange a time. You can learn more about the ICJSL at This is a great opportunity for the community to take part in!

It's amazing what a little water can do....

Some of the damage at Idylwild

Getting rid of the mold

Clean up and tear out

After the water receded

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Flood of 2008

Last summer, the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids cooridor was largely effected by the flooding of the Iowa River and Cedar River, devastating many lives. We've come a long way in one year, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

The Iowa City Junior Service League has become a prominent figure in assisting women and children related projects in the Iowa City-Coralville area, and felt that it was necessary to do something relevant that can help our community rebuild.

This past spring, Michael Lensing was so kind to share the idea of this fundraiser with us. In addtion to the struggle with the flood, the nation is in the middle of a deep recession. ReNEWvenation embodies the things we need to do right now: reuse, recycle, restore. We can be creative in the ways we go about it, and give inspiration at the same time.

This fundraiser will take place October 24th and 25th, in the flood affected areas of Idylwild subdivision. Mark your calendars to see how two rejuvenated condos can showcase items that fit this theme by being something restored or created with sustainable materials.