Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sponsorship opportunities are available for ReNEWVenation. If you are interested, please email Jan at renewvenation@gmail.com.

We are very excited about the buzz being generated for our unique event - being the first of its kind in our area, you'll be amazed by the great ways you can decorate and be earth friendly!

What are ways you can be green in decorating?

1. Just because you've had Grandma's chair in your family for 50 years doesn't mean you should kick it to the landfill. An experienced upholstery person, like Amy at Regeneration Factory, can tear down that piece, tighten up the joints, and rebuild the frame. In many cases, you'll have a better frame that lasts longer and sits better. Get a second opinion from Amy before you lose hope.

2. When considering new furniture, look for companies that are environmentally responsible. The Mansion recommends Lee Furniture for their committment to taking care of the earth - this company has been doing it since 1969, and you can read more about their fabulous upholstered pieces at www.leeindustries.com. The designers at The Mansion love this line for its versatile, chic pieces, as well as its fantastic price point. Lee creates well made, affordable seatingthat will last a long time.

3. Being environmentally responsible isn't hard. In fact, you may already have decorated in you home with materials that are green. Linen and cotton are renewable resources that have long lifespans. Stainless steel, recycled glass, aluminum, and many other types of materials you see daily are certainly considered earth friendly.

Before you throw out that old accessory, think about how you might reuse it. Paint, glue guns, and drills can help you make those simple changes and extend the life of a piece.

4. Don't forget that "vintage" counts because you are saving an item from going to the landfill. That's why shopping at stores like Stuff, Etc, Decorum, and other resale shops is important. There are gems in the rough just waiting to be found. Take an old trim or ribbon to add spunk to a lampshade or drapery edge. Use some elbow grease and sand down a table to be painted. Ask your creative friends to lend a hand if you are stumped.

5. Reclaimed wood and woods from certfied sustainable forests are found readily in new furniture pieces. The designers at Dwell offer many chic resources for pieces in your home. Reclaimed wood comes from old barns, homes, or other wood sources and is repurposed into something new.

6. The Forest Stewardship Council (www.fscus.org) is dedicated to educating us about how forests are harvested for building use. Some of the lines offered at Dwell and The Mansion will purchase wood that is certified by the FSC. You'll also find home building products such as cabinetry lines that will only purchase their wood from FSC members.

7. Sherwin Williams has a line of low VOC paints that keep the air and land fills less toxic. The colors are amazing and you'll be impressed by how well it covers. Your room can be transformed in less than a day, or maybe you are covering that old metal coffee table with a new coat of paint. Sherwin Williams will lead you to the right product.

8. Being green may be a trendy thing now, but will continue to be a lifestyle. Educate yourself on the little things you can do to become more enviromentally responsible. We hope ReNEWvenation will get your creative juices flowing for more inspiration!

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